Elbrus Climbing


The thought of climbing the highest mountain of Europe anyway flashed more than once after we in February, 2013 climb to Kilimanjaro. It is also clear — Elbrus is included into those desired 7 Tops — 7 very best high points of Seven Parts of the world, being the highest point of Europe. And having risen once by such height and having looked at the world from height of several thousand meters, inevitably there is an impudent thought not to be satisfied with what has already been achieved and to set new goals. Doubts were dispelled by the sale of already nonexistent airline Transaero offering flight from SPb to Mineralnye Vody for ridiculous 5300 rubles (at a present course: $90 for flight there and back). It was solved — we buy tickets and start preparations. The company was selected unexpectedly. It was taken the whole 7 people interested to join this adventure. Further there were 2 months of preparations, search of necessary equipment and search of the guide for ours on the Internet. And here all issues were resolved and there came a day of a departure. So, on September 10 we arrived into the North Caucasus. Continue reading